Tanager Place

Helping Children & Families Since 1879

Tanager Place History

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Our Focus is Children

Since 1879, Tanager Place has continually evolved to meet the changing needs of society. The one constant has been our commitment to the well-being of children.

Pediatric Integrated Health 
A free program for families with children who are Medicaid eligible, holding a psychiatric diagnosis. Learn more about PIH services HERE.

In-Patient Program
Children with severe emotional and psychiatric challenges are served in the in-patient program, and live on Tanager Place’s six-cottage campus with access to trained treatment counselors. The children in the in-patient program come from a variety of backgrounds and placement homes before reaching Tanager Place; many have been abused. The dedicated staff develop a treatment plan and goal for each child and their family. 

Mental Health Clinic
The clinic serves more than 1,000 children across Iowa, and specializes in child psychiatry, play therapy, music therapy, and autism spectrum treatment, including applied behavior analysis. The Mental Health Clinic is the only facility in Eastern Iowa to offer this unique form of autism spectrum treatment.

Community Based Program
Tanager Place treatment counselors offer services to families throughout Eastern Iowa, providing intervention assistance and family safety services in the home. The staff work to establish safe and healthy environments that allow children to remain in the home. Services include skill-building interventions that help families cope with mental health challenges. 

Expressive Arts
The Expressive Arts Program is a key component to the treatment of children living on campus. Expressive Arts provides an opportunity for insight into feelings and conflicts too threatening for a child to face directly. Children are able to face challenges and confront mental and emotional obstacles through visual arts, creative writing, or music.

Camp Tanager
Camp Tanager offers a magical summer camp experience for children who are medically or economically disadvantaged, and is Iowa’s only program to offer a free summer camp to at-risk children. Hemophilia Camp is Iowa’s only camp for children with hemophilia; and Diabetes Camp is one of only two camps for children with diabetes. The camp empowers children to learn coping skills and tools to manage their medical condition effectively. 


Our Mission

To successfully serve children and families challenged by social and psychological needs.