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The holidays are quickly approaching and while it is a very joyous time, it can be hard for our little ones, especially those with Autism.  The very things that many ‘neurotypical’ people enjoy about the festive season and similar celebrations are the things that some people on the Autism Spectrum find difficult.

  Here are 10 tips on how to make the holidays more fun for everyone involved:

  1. Plan ahead whenever possible
  2. Review, practice, and role play social routines
  3. Use video and visual supports to review upcoming events
  4. Provide updates and information
  5. Have a plan for the “unexpected”
  6. Find a way to keep regular routines as much as possible
  7. Connect with family and friends
  8. Look at the ‘holidays’ from an ASD perspective
  9. Proactively anticipate difficulties and potential stressors
  10. Have fun and create positive memories (use video or pictures to highlight  wonderful moments)


For more tips on Planning and Preparing for the Winter Holidays, click here.

Editors Note: This post was submitted by Heather Hanzlick-Jaacks.  Currently Heather is a Autism Spectrum Consultant with Tanager Place.  Heather  completed her graduate work at the University of Kansas’ Autism Asperger Program.  Heather previously served as an Autism Resource Specialist for the last 14 years in southern MN and was a member of the state of MN statewide Autism network.  Prior to this, Heather served as an Asperger Specialist for the State of South Dakota’s Center for Disabilities.


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