Bethany Gugliano, LMSW | Clinic Therapist

    Personal Statement: Healthy families have always been important to me. I believe that family is the most foundational and important unit in this world. To have a healthy, functioning family is a blessed thing. However, not all families are healthy. Not all families are functional. Often, families and individuals struggle through many challenges, not knowing that wellness is attainable. Here at Tanager, I have found a way to reach out and help heal these individuals and families. My personal goals in working with families are to provide hope, encouragement and opportunities for wellness. I strive to work with children, teenagers, and parents as they overcome their personal challenges and find success and wellness within their family unit. I believe that everyone deserves a place they can call home and feel empowered to be themselves. Growing up in a large family, I understand that every family is different and unique. Differences can create opportunities to grow, create and transform into something unique and beautiful, but they also possess the power to create division, hatred and animosity. I strive to bring healing and wellness back into the family unit to create an environment where each and every person feels loved, valued and accepted.

    Fun Facts about You: I have lived in Haiti and Namibia at various times in my life, I play piano and clarinet, and I enjoy reading and kickboxing.

    Why did you choose Tanager Place? Tanager Place Clinic provides excellent services to families and individuals of all backgrounds. The clinicians here are phenomenal and there is a very dedicated commitment to excellence.

    Therapeutic Style: I enjoy working with families and children who have a history of trauma, anxiety, or depression. I understand that the family is a unit and whole has to be fit and functional in order for each part to be whole.

    Education: BSW in 2010, University of Iowa School of Social Work/MSW 2014

    Additional Certification/Trainings: Certified instructor for Youth Mental Health First Aid. PCIT coming soon…

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