Bethany Roberts, LMSW | Clinic Therapist

    Personal Statement: I decided to join the Tanager Place team as a clinic therapist because I believe the mind is so complex and powerful, that those who have experienced trauma and overwhelming emotions or life events have the ability within themselves to create positive change in their lives, and embrace radical acceptance when they are given an opportunity to do so within a safe and nurturing environment. It is my mission to provide a safe space for people who are hurting, to build them up with unconditional positive regard and encouragement to move forward from their suffering and create a life worth living for themselves one step at a time.

    Fun Facts about You: I love traveling all over the beautiful United States and throughout the world, learning about different cultures and exploring new cuisines. I have lived in South Korea, Germany and Italy working with children of military personnel who live overseas. I met my husband in Italy and am happy to have him with me in Iowa after serving two deployments in Afghanistan.

    Why did you choose Tanager Place? As a proud, devoted social worker I see a lot of value in working for a nonprofit organization that has been serving children and families in need in this community for over 100 years. Tanager is not just one thing, or just one place. The people working for this organization have found a way to meet clients’ needs on many levels and in many settings. I knew this was an organization where I would be empowered to implement my own behavioral health programs with their support, and I was right. I now facilitate Dialectical Behavioral Therapy groups for adolescents in the clinic with much encouragement and support from colleagues and supervisors.

    Therapeutic Style: Client-centered, strengths-based approach, utilizing client values and life worth living goals to create meaningful change through committed action steps

    Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Iowa; Master of Social Work degree from the University of Iowa

    Additional Certifications/Trainings: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

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