Cassandra Kehoe, LMSW, CTP | School Based Therapist

    Personal Statement: It is my core belief that we are all trying to do the best with what we have. Sometimes, we get stuck, and sometimes we need someone to be able to show us that what we have is enough. It is my goal and my want to help children and families to be able to explore that potential within them. To help them see that they are enough, and that they are capable of what they want to achieve and be. I feel grateful for all the families and children I meet on a daily basis, as they teach me about overcoming challenges, as well as show me how resilient they are. My hope is to provide a safe, nurturing space for all those who visit, and can leave with the belief that they are enough, that their feelings are valid and that they can accomplish their goals.

    Fun Facts about You: I have 3 cats, 4 chickens and a lizard. I love to travel and have been to Ireland, Spain, France, Mexico and Canada. I love to read, especially psychological thrillers and mysteries. I collect stuffed animals, teacups and board games

    Why did you choose Tanager Place? I enjoy being part of a team that creates change in a positive way. I’ve loved watching how the school-based program has evolved in my 4 years on the team, and how we are impacting some many people, whether it’s the students, parents, teachers, or the school system as whole. I also love being part of a team who has some much passion and compassion for what they do.

    Therapeutic Style: Adlerian Play Therapy; Mindfulness; CBT

    Education: BS (Criminal Justice and Psychology) at SUNY Brockport  (New York); MSW- University of Iowa

    Additional Certifications/Trainings: CTP- Certified Trauma Practioner

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