Emma Thompson, LMFT-t | School Based Therapist

    Personal Statement: Families are what give children the roots to grow, and the wings to fly. I believe that all children have a story to tell that can lead to a magical ending. Some stories come with a plot twist, while others may have some unfinished chapters.I am passionate about providing a safe space for children to re-write and reclaim their own story and help create a magical ending for themselves and their family.

    Fun Facts about You: I enjoy spending time reading, being outside and engaging in water sports. I have a rescue dog named Bruno who rules the house. I have been involved in gymnastics sine I entered grade school and still continue to teach gymnastics at a local gym.

    Why did you choose Tanager Place? I align with Tanager’s mission and have the passion to help children and families succeed. I also enjoy collaborating with the school system and helping children thrive and grow at school.

    Therapeutic Style: Alderian Play Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Satir Growth Model

    Education: Undergrad: Coe College, Psychology; Masters: Mt. Mercy University, Marriage and Family Therapy

    Additional Certifications/Trainings: LMFT-t

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