Holly Miller, LMHC-t | School Based Therapist

    Personal Statement: I did not grow up in a “normal” situation. I struggled with my upbringing for many years. I ended up a high school dropout and a teenage mother. Even though my family was somewhat supportive; they were at a lose for me. I found comfort in a local non-profit organization. They helped me to understand that I could be someone in spite of my background. I want to be able to do the same. I hope that I can inspire children and families that they define who you are. They have the tools to be able to heal.

    Why did you choose Tanager Place?  Before I started working at Tanager I was inspired by their mission of helping children and families. Since I have joined the team, I am surrounded by people  that strive to go above and beyond for clients.  The atmosphere of Tanager is warm and inviting, which makes me honored to be apart of this great organization.

    Education Information: Undergraduate – Quincy University- Major in Psychology; Liberty University – Masters in Professional Counseling and Walden University- Masters in Forensic Psychology

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