Jennie Null, LMFT | Clinic Supervisor/Therapist

    Personal Statement: Joining in relationships with people from allwalks of life creates passion in my heart. I believe therapeutic relationships are built on trust, secure vulnerability and compassion.
    Brene’ Brown says “vulnerability is birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change” I believe that it is through these strong yet vulnerable relationships people can get to know themselves from all different angles and learn to appreciate all parts of their stories, thus created courage and change. I believe everyone has unlimited potential to take ownership and create change in their life’s story. Seeing growth in clients, interns, colleagues and myself through these relationships is the most rewarding and motivating outcome I experience.

    Fun Fact about You: I’m a die-hard Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan and therefore love the color green!

    Education:  Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology,  Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids


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