Kelsey Saddoris, LMSW | School Based Therapist

    Personal Statement:  My dad was born into an impoverished, abusive home as the fifteenth of seventeen children. When he turned four, he was removed from his home and placed in an orphanage, where he spent the next five years until he was adopted by loving, warm, and caring people: my grandparents. Because of this, I was raised in the most supportive, loving, and happy home. My grandparents didn’t do anything extraordinary but love my dad and provide him a safe home. My hope is that my work and my office can provide that safety and security for deserving children.

    Fun Facts about You:  I have been to Europe three times, own a puppy named Charli, and have a tattoo for Harry Potter.

    Why did you choose Tanager Place?  Children are our future, and it is our responsibility to do what we can to help them be successful, kind, and responsible adults. Tanager has been known to do this, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of making it happen.

    Therapeutic Style:  Mindful, child-centered, and holistic

    Education: Master of Social Work from the University of Northern Iowa


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