Laura Greening, LISW | School Based Therapist

    Personal Statement: I believe that every child has a story, and they deserve to share that story, have someone listen to that story, and help them to realize their goals and potential. Our world often teaches us that being strong is measured by how quickly we overcome adversity or hardship. Taking ownership of our stories allows us to rewrite the ending. Vulnerability is such a scary concept. Letting someone in is often a daunting task, although when we do let others in, the ending can be beautiful.  I feel so incredibly honored to work alongside children and families, and to be entrusted to assist them in navigating their stories. I feel so blessed to watch children grow and realize their goals, worth, and potential.

    Fun Facts about You: I recently moved to Iowa from San Antonio, TX, although I am originally from Michigan. I am very proud to be from Michigan, and often brag about our unsalted oceans (the Great Lakes). I love back country camping, hiking, outdoor activities of any kind, and I recently became a Crossfit addict. Outside of work, I am most likely spending time with my husband and my really cute Scottish terrier puppy, Gordi Greening.

    Why did you choose Tanager Place? I choose to work with Tanager Place because of their mission and heart for serving children and families. My past social work experience has taught me first hand that traumatized children cannot learn, and I often found myself struggling to assist children in navigating their daily school life in schools that did not support a learning environment conducive to a child who had experienced trauma. I really connected to the trauma based schools model that Tanager has created,  and I feel honored to be a part of this team.

    Therapeutic Style: Client centered and solutions focused

    Education: Loyola University Chicago – BSW; University of Michigan – MSW

    Additional Trainings/Certifications: MBSRT, TFCBT

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