Autism Spectrum Disorders

Using evidence-based treatment to improve lives affected by autism spectrum disorders

Take advantage of Tanager Place services for children on the autism spectrum and those with developmental disabilities whose diverse needs require our holistic, collaborative, evidence-based approach to care. We partner with multiple agency and community providers to deliver customized treatment programs focused on your child’s unique needs.

Because every child is different, your loved one receives specially designed care through our partnerships. Experts in autism and related services provide an initial assessment in order to match and tailor services on our continuum of care model.

  • "Our family came to Tanager Place for intensive treatment for our son’s autism. We were unable to find any other resource. I am amazed at the results and the chance to watch my son progress. It was after 3 weeks of therapy that we found ourselves in a local restaurant for a family dinner. We were able to enjoy our time together. This was a first for us. We have never been able to enjoy a family meal in public. This is the beginning of what brings normalcy and great hope to our family. We are so grateful."


Applied Behavior Analysis Services

Your child may benefit from a variety of services geared toward positively affecting behavior. Options include:

  • Comprehensive Programming – Focuses on specific needs such as specific behavioral needs and comprehensive skill development, such as speech and language skills; Behavior Technicians (BT) provide one-on-one treatment in the clinic, home, and community.
  • Social Skills Groups – Recognizes the treatment benefit of social skills groups to help children on the autism spectrum understand how to relate and communicate with peers and adults. Children aged 2 to 18 may participate in social skills groups.

Other Autism Treatment Services

Additional services are available depending on your family’s need, which may include:

  • Specialized Psychotherapy – Trained, licensed therapists work with children and families to treat emotional and behavior challenges through Autplay, behavior therapy, play therapy, expressive arts therapy, Parent Child Interaction Therapy, family therapy and/or theraplay
  • Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS) – In-home services provide individual and family skill building services focused on areas such as emotional regulation, coping and parenting techniques
  • Pediatric Integrated Health (PIH) – Assists families touched by autism through coordinating community and therapy services.  Including school and community meetings, resource identification, assistance with resources, family support to help their children lead healthier lives, and promote physical health.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Safety Packet

While planning ahead for emergencies is very important for all families, it can be an especially challenging task for families caring for a child on the spectrum. Use these resources and tips to help your family members and caregivers create emergency safety plans for loved ones on the autism spectrum.



Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Voters Manual

Click below for a copy of the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Voters Manual




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