Expressive Arts

The arts have a tremendous capacity to heal

Children often find it difficult to explain what they feel. But give them a crayon, some markers, an instrument or clay, and a new world opens to them.

Tanager Place Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts is an important part of treatment for the children at Tanager Place.

Together with trained art and music therapists, children enrolled in the Expressive Arts program at Tanager Place work to unlock emotions, memories, and experiences through visual arts, music, or creative writing. This interactive process allows children struggling with psychological issues or complicated emotions the chance to identify meaning and make critical connections between symbolism and communication.

The Tanager Place Expressive Arts Program is one-of-a kind and is solely dependent on the community’s support.

  • Music therapy provides me an escape. I don't have to worry about anything when I am here.

    Noah, 14
  • Music Therapy gives me a way to express my ideas.

    Jacob, 10
  • People listen to me when I make music.

    Dave, 14
  • When I sing, my body relaxes and I feel more in control of myself and my life.

    Abbie, 15
  • Music is how I deal with life.

    Caitlin, 17
  • Music therapy has helped me express things to people in my life when I couldn't just tell them.

    Brittany, 13
  • When I make music, I feel good about myself.

    Sam, 11
  • Art helps to take my mind off of negative things. Through art, I create things that can be useful.  

    Tyler, 13
  • Art makes me feel better. Like when I get mad, it helps me be happy and I forget to be mad. I love art!  

    Kenna, 12
  • Art is the light for me because it brightens up my day.  It helps me to breathe easier.

    Amy, 10
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