‘Badge of Courage’

Art to celebrate the longevity and resiliency of Tanager Place

Artist John Paul Schafer created a vibrant painting, “Badge of Courage,” in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Expressive Arts Gala and Tanager Place’s 140-year history. The original artwork was sold as part of a live auction at the 2019 Gala, the new owner generously allowing Tanager Place to currently display the piece. We are honored to offer signed, limited edition watercolor prints.

John Paul, who was part of our first Gala a decade ago, shares a passion for the work at Tanager Place. As he explains below, this piece tells a story.

Badge of Courage

Artist: John Paul Schafer

As you study the image, here are a few words and phrases to guide you:

… Horizon … Sunrise … Burst of light … Helping hands … Reaching out … Reaching up … Life’s journey … Order from chaos … Balance … Spin … Cardinal directions … Compass … Navigation … Insight … Love … Loving within … Self-realization … Inner being … Inner peace … Inner power … Strength …

The open hands in the middle are derived from my actual hand prints. They are positioned here to loosely resemble the Tanager bird in flight as well as to express personal power and connection.

The two hands together make the number 10 for the 10th annual (Expressive Arts) Gala. The other open hands along with various “Xs” (Roman numeral for 10) suggest the passing decades of Tanager’s total history.

Purchase Art

Inspire more artists; empower more healing

All proceeds from sales of “Badge of Courage” benefit our Expressive Arts program, which offers children a way to express themselves when feelings and conflicts are too difficult for words.

Additional sizes can be special ordered. Please reach out to Joan Hackbarth for information.

Your purchase will make a significant and necessary difference:

$75= Art supplies for a small group project

$150= Personal iPod to help generalize music therapy skills for coping

$250= Art scholarship for one child in our inpatient program

$500= Scholarship for an outpatient 8-week music therapy series

“Expressive Arts has helped me to think differently. It helps me express my feelings. I sort out my heart, put my thoughts on canvas and find their real meaning for my life. I am amazed at how I can create something beautiful. Even my most painful memories are displayed in a way that helps me to see them clearly for what they are: memories to learn from and grow.” ~ Olivia, age 15