Mentoring Creates Strong Futures

Tanager Place Children of Promise mentoring program is for youth with a parent involved in the correctional system. Nationally, 1 in 28 youth will experience the incarceration of a parent before their 18th birthday. Children of Promise provides youth the opportunity to develop positive relationships with mentors.

“Meeting twice monthly for group activities gives the children and mentors a sense of community. We plan social and educational sessions that aid in relationship building,” shared Daniel Johnson, Program Coordinator. Mentors are matched with children based on shared interests and common experience. Mentors meet with their matched child weekly when it works best for them.

“Each story is unique,” Johnson shared. When asked what story he wanted to share that depicts the value of this program Daniel talked about a very special grandmother.

“One day I met with a strong stoic Grandmother, guardian of her three rambunctious grandsons. She welcomed me into her home and we visited. She told me about how long the journey had been and the many ways she felt alone. I encouraged her to consider Children of Promise. I told her about the wide  variety of activities we do and the group of committed volunteers we work with. She agreed to try the program. Now, after eight months she is the program’s number one fan! She told me, ‘I was ready to give up. Every program we have tried had left us for lost. I believed there was hope when I met you. I believe this is where my boys need to be.’”

According to their Grandmother, the boys’ story was layered with success this year. In school, in the neighborhood and at home the boys have improved their self-confidence, have less anxiety, and are less depressed.

“The boys’ school behavior has changed. They are happy to attend school, they are completing their homework and bringing home good grades. They are not fearful to join in activities; they love to be a part of Children of Promise,” she shared.

For more details on Children of Promise, check out our Spring Newsletter!

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