Play Therapy Trainings

Play Therapy training at Tanager Place offers workshops for individuals seeking play therapy education and training. The Center is an approved provider through the Association for Play Therapy (APT Approved Provider #16-457). We offer introductory and advanced training for professional therapists or those who are enrolled in a Master’s level program. A child’s natural language, play can build bridges of communication and discovery.  There are many forms of play therapy. Tanager Place Play Therapists uses child-centered play therapy where the therapist observes as the child selects from an array of toys and plays as he or she likes. In sand tray play therapy, the child may use figurines to develop scenes in the sand. In filial play therapy, the parents get involved and the therapist actually teaches the parents how to interact with the child through play.  Play is the platform and our trained therapists are able to work with the children and their families in meaningful ways. Play Therapy offers a strong learning opportunity for all children.  Classes are held throughout the year by Registered Play Therapists.

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