Early detection and treatment of mental health conditions can substantially improve your child’s life

You and your family can participate in early detection and treatment programs that address disruptive actions and emotional disorders to significantly improve your child’s behavior.

Help your child gain important life skills, stay in childcare programs or school classrooms, and prevent health conditions from becoming more challenging.

Choose Tanager Place for programs that focus on educating you and your child about the role mental health plays in your child’s development.

Enjoy Camp Tanager, Iowa’s only free summer camp for children who are economically or medically disadvantaged. Tanager Place partners with area hospitals to provide a safe, healthy environment at Camp Tanager for children with diabetes or hemophilia.

YouthPort, a partnership of three organizations, offers a variety of prevention education and support for children and families. Take advantage of services from:

For more information on how you can help, contact Joan Hackbarth or call 319-286-4503.

  • “I thought that if I could just be someone else, even for a little while, I'd feel better. I began going to the Art House, and I used the supplies there to make myself a crown and a gown with a long train. When I put those things on, I felt different - like I was royal, strong and important, worthy of getting respect from others - but also of giving it. Wearing the costume, I began to think about leaders and how they should treat the people around them. That's how I became my own person, the person I imagined I could be.”  Read more about Cal’s story.

    Cal, age 10
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